He's called Diego, but he goes by the name of Mr. Hyde's Psychologist. The story behind that name comes from his approach to psychology: the way to feel better is knowing yourself better, including your very own dark side.
I was hired to turn that approach into imagery, drawing and coming up with concepts for all the website's section headers and a set of icons to illustrate the different services he offers.
Header: Meet Mr. Hyde
Header: Consultancy and Human Resources
Header: The Cabinet
Header: The Method
Header: The Psychologist
Header: Experiential Learning
Header: The Sessions
Header: The Cases
Header: 4D Integrative Psychology
Icon: Personal Development
Icon: Work Career
Icon: Depression
Icon: Emotional Management
Icon: Anxiety and Stress
Icon: Fears and Phobias
Icon: Psychosomatic Disorders
Icon: Goal-Oriented Coaching
Icon: Conflict Resolution
Icon: Teenage Support
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